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Outreach Programs



According to Michelle Peters, principal of Nokuphila school, it is a school for vulnerable children drawn from the informal settlements around the western borders of Tembisa.  The school was opened in 2010 by the ‘Love trust’ foundation. This is a non-profit organisation who have a vision of providing quality Christian education to vulnerable children. The Love Trust foundation recognises the importance of quality early childhood development and have a  vision to provide high quality education to children who are disadvantaged and have little or no access to education. Nokuphila school carries forward this goal and makes it their mission to nurture children, not only physically, but intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.


The children who attend Nokuphila school, are given daily transport to and from school and are provided with four nutritionally balanced meals a day and extra curricula activities.The school started off with 45 learners and currently has 220 learners from grade 000 – grade 3. In the future the plan is to grow the school into both a primary and secondary school.


Nokuphila school as well as the Love Trust foundation are funded exclusively by charitable donations.


As Lory park believes strongly in the education of our youth, our education officer goes to Nokuphila school once a week to educate the children on wildlife and environmental care. We take animals to the school , as well as doing interactive projects and shows, so that the children can have hands on experiences. Hopefully growing their love and respect for nature and conservation. We also hope that by educating the children, the message of conservation will spread through the community and in that way bring about awareness. We have also set up a vegetable garden at the school with a sprinkler system and a compost heap to grow vegetables to help feed the children. Twice a year, Lory park opens its doors to the children of Nokuphila and allow them and their parents to visit the zoo, this is normally combined with parents meeting, prize giving or their concert.


Lory park has chosen to take Nokuphila school under its wing, mainly because it gives us an opportunity to enrich and educate our own community. Nokuphila is also situated close to Lory park which makes it convenient for staff and animal transporting. We look forward to seeing Nokuphila grow, for the sake of the children and their families.  Nokuphila ‘s success will also give us the opportunity to educate even more children, which in turn will hopefully provide our environment and wildlife with a brighter future.

University of Pretoria: Community-Based Project Module



The compulsory undergraduate module, Community-Based Project Module (JCP), of the Faculty Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology at the University of Pretoria. The module entails that students have to work at least 40 hours in the community and thereafter reflect on their experiences. The hours include the planning as well as execution of the project.


Lory Park partners with JCP helping to ensure that students gain knowledge and our animals

welfare is improved.

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