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Encounter opportunities are always happening at the zoo. These are some of the best moments you will ever have!

Lory Park believes that encounters can lead to important educational moments and therefore strives to ensure that each encounter is informative. These are moments you will never forget! 

By supporting our encounter programmes you are supporting important conservation initiatives as funds collected form encounters are given to Vulpro and REST. This is a way for us to give back. 

For further information on encounters please contact us on 011 315 7307 or email


Encounters with our owls are available on weekends at 11:00 and 14:00 at no extra cost.

Our reptiles are also out and about for encounters on weekends (this is weather dependant).


No open toed shoes

No flowing lose fabrics such as dresses

No pregnant woman this is due to possible disease risks

No hanging jewellery, hats or caps

Long hair to be tied back

No unaccompanied children will be allowed

Age restrictions are there for your safety

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