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Donate to Lory Park

We often get asked by visitors & sponsors alike what types of donations we could make use of, so we have compiled a short list of things that we would really utilize at the moment with regards to the animals.

Lory Park is maintained by a team of casual workers and volunteers. Construction of any enclosures or buildings are done by Eddy van Eck and his small team of workers. So, although all construction, repairs and maintenance are done by Lory Park themselves, support is required for building material, equipment or fittings and many other bits and pieces that would help in the rest of our park.


So, if you are in a position to assist with any form of material donation, (sand, bricks, plumbing, electrical fittings and so on), your support would be gratefully received and appreciated.



  • Fresh produce:

  • -All fresh fruit and vegetables – these must be fit for human consumption otherwise we cannot  use for our animals.

  • -Eggs 

  • -Nuts

  • -Nut butters

  • Dry produce:

  • -Sunflower seeds

  • -Mielie mix

  • -Mielie Meal

  • -Samp

  • -Rice

  • -Kidney/sugar beans

  • -Rider cubes

  • -Duiker pellets

  • -Duck pellets

  • -Ibis Pellets

  • -Dog pellets

  • -Bunny pellets

  • -Boskos

  • -Wild bird seed

  • -Myna pellets

  • -Lucern bales

  • -Eragrostis bales

  • -Wood shavings

  • -Hay bales

  • Meat products:

  • -Whole Chicken fresh or frozen

  • -Chicken necks

  • -Chicken gizzards 

  • Supplements:

  • -Efazole 

  • -Predator powder

  • -Copper sulphate crystals

  • -Neurobion

  • -Omega 3 Salmon oil capsules

  • -Spirulina powder

  • -Gummy vites (no Iron)

  • Cleaning products:

  • -Dishwashing liquid

  • -Bleach

  • -Handy Andy

  • -Floor cleaner/ pine gel

  • -Window cleaner

  • -Hand soap

  • -Hand sanitizer

  • -Cloths

  • -Sponges and scrapers

  • -Mops

  • -Brooms

  • -Buckets

  • -Black bags

  • Building and maintenance materials

  • -Bricks

  • -Cement

  • -Building sand

  • -Wheelbarrows

  • -Spades

  • -Rakes

  • -Gumboots

  • -Outdoor brooms

Unfortunately our list never goes away as we always need something for somewhere. But if you think you may have something of interest to us, please contact us and speak to Eddy

We thank everyone for any donation and remember we value your patronage.



Every little bit helps so if you can lend a hand, donate some goods or simply send some money our way, we and all the animals will greatly appreciate it!


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