COVID - 19

Lory Park is currently closed. We have taken all necessary precautions during this time and have ensured that all our staff have access to sanitisers and masks to keep them safe. All our staff are staying on our premises to prevent spread and to keep them as safe as possible during this time.

Lory Park relies on your visits to bring in income to our facility. All school groups and international students have had to cancel their trips to the zoo leaving us even more dependant on the people who come into our park. Our little zoo needs to make R12240.00 a day in order to stay afloat. This includes but is not limited too staff wages, medical care, chronic medications, pest control, fruit and veg, meat, electricity and water. 

Please consider if you would rather stay at home to donate your entrance fees to us on our paypal or payfast account. This money will be used for the daily operations of the zoo during this difficult time. Solidarity tickets are also on sale - click on the COVID -19 donation button to find out more.

Stay safe everyone!

BIG THANK YOU to everything who has donated to us!!

Rose O'Hare
Jonathan Davis
MD Van Wyk
H M S Mare 
Gia Mare
Elizabeth Johanna Breedt

A Scott - Crossely



Melany Breedt




Sandy Maclaine

Claudia Ferguson 


Summer Strader

D Zeiler

Liz Sibilski

The Abendroths

Wilma Smith

Matthew Alan

Alicia Van Der Auwermeulen

Sharon Solomon

C Stegmann
Bisham Gangeram
Cromwell and Candice Purchase
Basch Family
Evelynn Koster
T Beylefeld
Steph, Greg and Rina

Lory Park is proud to have an ethical, fun interactive programme at the zoo. Memorable, once in a lifetime moments can be captured here. 

Education has always been the forefront of what we do at Lory Park Zoo. Educating schools, the community and adults in a variety of ways. Check out what we have to offer! 

What's new??

The zoo always has a lot going on, click here to see any of our new arrivals.

All our creatures are special but some have a great story to tell. 

what can you do?

Conservation plays a major role in what modern zoos do. Species preservation programmes, breeding facilities for endangered animals and so much more happens in zoos. Join us on our journey of conservation.

Our staff have some incredible things to tell us. Here you can sit back and read a little bit about what we get up to at the zoo.

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