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Lory Park is proud to have an ethical, fun interactive programme at the zoo. Memorable, once in a lifetime moments can be captured here. 

Education has always been the forefront of what we do at Lory Park Zoo. Educating schools, the community and adults in a variety of ways. Check out what we have to offer! 

Conservation plays a major role in what modern zoos do. Species preservation programmes, breeding facilities for endangered animals and so much more happens in zoos. Join us on our journey of conservation.

What's new??

The zoo always has a lot going on, click here to see any of our new arrivals.

All our creatures are special but some have a great story to tell. 

Staff Blog

Our staff have some incredible things to tell us. Here you can sit back and read a little bit about what we get up to at the zoo.

what can you do?

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My Channel

My Channel
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Plastic Ocean

Plastic Ocean

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Sustainable Palm oil production

Sustainable Palm oil production

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Biodiversity is us - overview  film - 5 mn

Biodiversity is us - overview film - 5 mn

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Support worthy causes that are making a difference in our world!

Flowing pic Sandra hyena
Flowing pic Colin and serval
Flowing pic Richard with snake
Flowing pic Amos with Cheetah
2010 to 2017 Bridges of unity volunteer and cockatoo
2010 to 2017 Bridges of unity boy white face
Flowing pic Annie and Louis
Eddy hyena
Flowing pic Me with Aster and Asterix
2010 to 2017 building bridge of unity
2010 to 2017 bridges of unity 2 staff and tigers
2010 to 2017 Black footed cat
2010 to 2017 Bridges of unity Batman and Tiger or flowing
2000 to 2002 Dunja and Tigger 2
2003 Teckie and tortoise
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